Monday, September 10, 2007

Implementation Dread

Now that we're in the last phase of our project, the question is whether we'll get to do the implementation too. It's not always the case that theory and practice are kept separate in this way, but in the case of our current project they were, maybe to give the client a chance to get rid of us if we didn't live up to expectations. Actually it may not always be such a bad idea not to let the theory guys do the implementing: top-notch consultants typically are much better at analysing and finding out what's wrong than they are at fixing the problem. Also they are so ridiculously expensive.

But our partner is drooling whenever the topic of implementation comes up. He wants it, and badly. The team, less so. Much less so. In fact, I can already imagine my colleagues' frenzied attempt to convince staffing that really the implementation phase counts as a new case which is in desperate need of fresh blood. In which case the staffing merry-go-round will creak into noisy action once again. See below.

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