Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Night Life

Saturday night, in the (to the regular readers of this blog) by now well-known flyover state where the project is located. After the PL ran away (the latest I heard through the grapevine is that she is about to quit altogether), after the client summoned me as her inofficial replacement to a private meeting where he asked the Big Meaning Of Project question (see Thursday's entry), and after the Manager, who is the main reason for the PL's hasty departure, got wind of that meeting and promptly scheduled another one with the entire team for Friday six p.m., it became clear very swiftly to all of us that the term 'weekend' now refers to either a time in the not-yet-so-very-distant past or in the very-very-distant future. Yup: our dear Manager, using very harsh terms and a very loud voice, advised the team to cancel all weekend plans until further notice if we cared at all about our job.

The problem is, it's really not the team's fault, I don't think, that the project is going badly. In fact, it ISN'T even going badly. It's just that a core team member ran away, which freaked out the client, and things took their evil course from there. So here we are, on a Saturday night, in the office. Wish I had brought more underwear for the week to come (remember, no convenient laundry facilities around here). The hope is, and it's really the only hope right now, that our show of dedication will sway the client. Dubious strategy, for a team of management consultants. Don't you think?

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