Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Project Leader, anyone?

Oopsidaisy. All of a sudden I am getting an unexpected taste of what it is like to be project leader. Not that I am in real terms (not yet anyway - about six months to go before promotion, if I last that long and if the firm still wants me then). But since our PL fled the scene yesterday and hasn't been heard of since, and since I am the most senior team member below her, I find myself a) in charge of the more junior consultants and associates on the project, all of whom are confused about the current events b) the preferred contact of the manager, who is known to take no victims, and c) the man-in-charge as far as the client is concerned. And the client IS concerned. I would be too if a key member of my expensive consulting team simply decided to take off in a moment of crisis. So I currently find myself in the middle of a weird kind of Bermuda triangle. A couple of shark fins emerging from the choppy waters. And the night is young, and the phone is ringing, and I have to be off. Wish me luck!

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