Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Team Crisis

Oh dear oh dear. Our PL abandoned the project today to fly back to the East Coast for a crisis meeting with the partner on the case. My guess is she'll ask to be assigned to a different project, on the grounds of unbridgeable differences in leadership between her and the manager in charge. What these differences boil down to, among other things, is that the manager is a company-wide known (insert your favourite expletive) and she has been shielding both team and client from him to the best of her abilities. Well, no more. As of today we are without a PL. And looking around me I discover that I am now the most senior team member below the manager! Which means I may have to abandon my hitherto cultivated attitude of serene detachment. As the manager told me today: 'I see you in the lead now.'

Muchas gracias. Expect future entries here to be short and sweet until further notice.

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Don said...

The real problem demonstrated here surely is that many people may have a title "Project Leader" or "Project Manager" or even "Programme Manager", but there are not so many who really understand what those roles are actually about. It certainly is not just about being nominally in charge, nor about being able to produce a supposed project or programme plan in MS Project or some similar SW tool! That is where most of the difficulties start and grow ----------GROW, because of a total absence of real understanding.